Friday, December 01, 2006

december 2

*to the tune of the birthday song*

happy birthday Britney Spears,

happy birthday Nelly Furtado,

happy birthday Lucy Liu, and

happy birthday to me :)

Saturday, October 07, 2006

two weeks (?) notice

[mood| caffeinated]
[music| CURRENTS dashboard confessional]

so as i posted in my multiply site, i am closing up shop here.

from livejournal to blogspot to multiply, i know, online nomad :p im moving for the same reason as before, convenience. multiply has more features and since im more of a regular there with my relentless prostitution of cameras, it would be much easier to practice website monogamy there. hehe.

so here's my two weeks (or probably more since it'll take me some time to completely transfer links and whatnots) notice.

thanks blogspot. it's been swell :)


Monday, October 02, 2006

one big fight.

[mood| heartbroken]

We stand on a hill
Between the earth and sky.
Now all is still
Where Loyola's colors fly.
Our course is run
And the setting sun
Ends Ateneo's day;
Eyes are dry
At the last goodbye
This is the Ateneo way.

Mary for you!
For your white and blue
We pray you keep us Mary
Constantly true.
We pray you'll keep us Mary
Faithful to you!

Down from the hill;
Down to the world go I;
Remembering still
How the bright BLUE EAGLES fly.
Through joys and tears,
Through the laughing years
We sing our battle song.
This is the place where we belong.

Mary for you!
For your white and blue
We pray you keep us Mary
Constantly true.
We pray you'll keep us Mary
Faithful to you!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

happy birthday :)

i ♥ you.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

farewell WB :c

[mood| sick/nostalgic]
[music| CRAWL this way]

im back! i was home. i was sick. homesick? haha :p but i went out, ako pa?;p haha. but before that, there's more pressings news to share...

IT'S THE END OF AN ERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7th Heaven.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Sabrina the Teenage Witch.
Jack and Jill.

who grew up watching (or at least seeing a few episodes of) these shows?
*raises hands*
The WB shows really did define a generation...
(bringing us hit teen shows of now: One Tree Hill, Gilmore Girls, Smallville, etc)
and now it has signed off :c

so so SOOO heartbreaking :c
and i though Dawson's Creek ending was devastating enough.
farewell WB :c

Monday, September 11, 2006

dancing in septemberrr

[mood| lazy :p]
[music| SEPTEMBER earth, wind, and fire]

ba de yaaa... say do you remember...
ba de yaaa... dancing in september...
ba de yaaa... never was a cloudy day

september always gets me in a good mood. it means the "-ber" months are here! and as signalled by the Christmas songs playing at Beauty Bar this afternoon when Tiny, Bern and I were there NOT studying Philo (like im doing now :P eep), the season is near!:D

this month started with my yearbook pic finally dunzo last saturday! whew, stress over ;p and the night before that, i was really stressing cause after a million practice poses at Tiny's house (Bern and I were there to practice our make-up since we were doing our own ;p), i finally gave up being Twiggy :c there's no Twiggy pose that's nice half body! and my dress was black so it didnt have much color if my tights and shoes couldn't be seen :c good thing Tiny had a 60s print loose minidress so i could still be a 60s girl. but then i looked more Nicole Richie with the shades so i finally settled on that ;p i love her anyway. hehe. and besides, when i look back at my yearbook pic like 10 years from now ill be reminded of the time of Hollywood It Girls, MotoRAZR, Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag, and bug-eyed shades ;p and our shoot went well and i love the poses that me, Tines, Berns, and everyone else (Chee, Kev, Ina, Pipay) had!:D

a big mwah to Mai2x (Tiny's sister, yes, she's also Mai Briones ;p hehe) for perfecting my eye make-up! you so deserved your Rocco nights!;) and Bern, Tines! snaps to us for getting through the shoot looking mighty pretty at that!;) mwaaah!

and Cha! we so missed you :c Get well ASAP dear! mwah!

i had to rush after the pose though cause Jay was picking me up in a few minutes to meet Mel, who was visiting, and other Sci Hi batchmates for dinner at Eastwood. it's always fun catching up :)

and Jay and I saw You, Me, and Dupree yesterday! ive been waiting to watch that movie for quite some time being the Kate Hudson fan that i am :D it didn't disappoint, i loved it!:)

with September come Winter/Fall season (my fave mag issues of Lucky, Teen Vogue, and Vogue :D) and the Fall TV season! i canNOT wait for:
1. September 20, 9/8c at ABC


3. September 27, 8/7c at The CW (im dyiiiiiiiiiiiiing, it's taking sooo long!;c):

good thing there's me going home this weekend (YAY!) and Jay's birthday in between to make the wait bearable :D

Do you remember the 21st night of September?

Love was changing the minds of pretenders
While chasing the clouds away
Our hearts were ringing
In the key that our souls were singing.
As we danced in the night,

Remember how the stars stole the night away...

haha, i love it :p

Friday, September 01, 2006

it's a moo point...

[mood| pms]
[music| THESE DAYS rhymefest]

it's like a cow opinion, doesn't matter. it's moo.
*grabs stomach and shakes with tears in eyes*
i swear, this NEVER gets old.

nothing like F.R.I.E.N.D.S. to alleviate the pain that is girls only :)

so im home on a Friday night thanks to that. should be out with my boyfriend or with friends. but im good. i finally have an excuse to rest...

which also means time to blog :P hehe

ish been a while. ive either been studying all night, studying at Starbucks or Coffee Bean (ive had 4 Soy Chai Lattes this week!:D), spending time with Jay, spending money shopping, eating out, watching a movie (The Devil Wears Prada is LOVE. watched it Tiny, Cha, Pipay, and Kev yesterday; watching it again with Bern and Chee next week ;p), pestering Kuya A at UPDil for thesis reagents :D and eating at Ersao while waiting for him, marathon-ing Scrubs (finished all 5 seasons!;p), and watching, um, lagunabeach (i knoooow. guilty pleasure galore. i HATE it but im hooked :c).

and what's stopping me from getting into a crappy mood is all the shopping i did with Bern and Chee today :D we hit Glorietta, Landmark, SM Makati, and Greenbelt to look for things to wear for our Creative Pose pictures for the yearbook (which is NEXT WEEK!).

it was pretty intense search shopping but Sbarro's and Coffee Bean kept us going :) im channeling Twiggy for my pose so i got this really insanelycute mod black minidress at Topshop and dirt cheap pink and black tights from Landmark :D Chee and Bern put together their Japanese school girl look from Zara, Landmark and SM Makati. i just gotta find me some earrings and bangles that match (gotta check out Topshop Shang tomorrow). and SHOES.

the perfect pair of shoes.
now that's something that's definitely NEVER a moo point.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

nonobese :p hahaha

[mood| FULL]
[music| GET UP ciara feat. chamillionaire]

school's been a drag lately :/ Epidemiology makes my brain sleeeep. and its a frigging 7:30 class :p the air in my head must have increased caused when Cha asked me what "nonobese" was (prounounced no-no-BEES ;p hahaha), i was laughing so hard and so long i had tears in my eyes ;p and don't even get me started on Theology. i swear that class drains the life energy out of you ;p haha.

im keeping awake right now, sipping green tea and listening to the Step Up soundtrack (which is hoTT!). im sooo sleepy but i cant sleep now since i ate like an obese woman a few hours ago. and i mean OBESE. i had dinner (and prolly my breakfast and lunch tomorrow :p) at Tong Yang, Makati with Cha, Bern, Tiny, Law, Lolo, Junnosuke, and Pao. grill and shabu-shabu galore. ugh. i can't believe i ate SO much. and had two cups of ice cream after pa. but it was fun cooking our food :) can't wait to go there with Jay this time!

all in all its been a great day :) i only have one class on Fridays, Physics, and after that i went to Shang with Tiny, Mai2x, Bern, and Cha. it was destiny cause it was sale at Topshop!!! i got a short dress, a bikini, underwear, and pins all for a steal :D

thesis is also going along :) Bern and i went to UP last wednesday to follow up on lacking reagents and eat dirt cheap food and 18peso FIC! awesome ;p i love visiting the MBB lab techinician, Kuya A, he's soo fun! haha.

august has been fun! no other way to start the first Friday night than with Cold Rock and dancing!;p went to andEmbassy Jaipur with Jay, Tiny, Lance, Cha, Chee, Jow, Ina, and Pipay. fun fun night :) as usual, we slept over at Tiny's after and pigged out right the next day ;p

ive also been going to Musmos regularly now :) and eating out regularly! rawr ;p haha. i sweaaar, its hard to have friends when you're dieting :p and boyfriends! Jay and I pigged out at Heaven n Eggs last Sunday at Eastwood after watching Click (which I LOVED! forever and ever, babe!). ugh. fat. but ive also been jogging regularly thanks to Cha!:) she's tasked into turning me into a jogger - which isn't easy since im more of an aerobics person ;p but it's been going okay :)

august means UAAP season and i was finally able to watch my first game! ADMU vs UST Round 1 where the Eagles totally beat the Tigers ass! Animo Ateneo!;p

aaaand, last friday was BIONIGHT! it was unexpectedly really fun ;p i love it that everyone came in costume! the theme was popculture so Bern, Cha, Chee, and I came as the Hollywood It Girls ;p i was Nicole Richie, Bern was Mary Kate Olsen, Cha was Lindsay Lohan, and Chee was Mischa Barton :) heck, even getting ready was fun as we all did it together at Cha's house! it was amazing how Cha, me, Tiny, and Pipay were able to all take a bath, do our hairs, make-up, and get ready in an hour and 30 ;p (we were sooo late na kasi! like 3 hours!;p haha) my favorite that night was Abi Tud who came as Rogue. soooo bagay! check out my multipy for pics!:D

unfortunately, August also means the end of IAC Futsal season :c it was fun! even though we didn't reach the finals ;p haha. but i really enjoyed playing! hope we push through with our plans to make playing with the team a regular thing! the boys Boxxx time however made it to the finals!(we watched the game pa kasi that's why we were so late for BioNight ;p) they placed second but we're still proud for the rookie team!:)

okay, i gots to sleep now ;p gotta wake up early to go jogging with Bern and then shopping at PowerPlant after :) it's Vintage Bazaar time again!:D nothing like shopping to get your endorphins and metabolism going :D